Manufacturer’s Intent: Bowlers with lower rev rates need more assistance from the bowling ball than anyone; the Lx05 delivers that help. After the release of the Lx16, which is perfect for fresh heavy oil, we felt we needed a ball that lower rev rates could transition into when the Lx16 becomes too much.

Core: The Lx05 features one of the most successful cores in the history of Track. The Modified Kinetic core is one of those special cores that rolls good no matter how it’s drilled, or who is throwing it. The low rg and differential offers unheard of control and predictability on the lanes.

Cover: Players who need help from the ball are looking for a quick responding cover that will dig into the lane and provide an earlier move. The Lx05 features our QR-4 Hybrid cover which is less aggressive overall compared to the QR-8 Pearl used on the Lx16.

Finish: The Lx05 is finished with 500/2000 Abralon® and offers more teeth, so the lower rev player can get this ball into a roll. This finish allows the Lx05 to perform extremely well on medium oil patterns while allowing lower rev players the ability to stick with this ball for a longer period of time. Surface adjustments can be made to provide more traction or to smooth out this ball’s aggressive nature due to the strong finish.

Overall: The Lx05 is ideal for those with lower rev rates looking for the perfect match on medium oil patterns. This new addition to the Track family will quickly be known equally for its versatility and predictability.


Line LX
Color Blue Pearl / Black / Silver Pearl
Coverstock QR-4 Hybrid
Core Modified Kinetic
RG 2.49
Differential .038
Intermediate Diff 0.005
Factory finish 500/2000 grit AbralonĀ®
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes


Track LX 05 featuring Dan Mac