We designed the Solaris to appeal to everyone. It's polished to avoid early burn, yet it's strong enough that it will cover boards for low rev and high speed players alike. It rolls early to set up for a driving breakpoint reaction, yet it's not so flippy that it ends up being uncontrollable. We like to think that it can find a place in any bowlers arsenal, and stay there! The Trailblazer core gives the Solaris a strong midlane roll, which as all bowlers know equates to good carry and consistency at the breakpoint. We gave it enough flare to be strong, but not so much that the core dominates the reaction. The Solaris is a fast revving ball. The Advanced Vector Control cover compliments the core, saving energy in the oil, while keeping those revs high, so that when it encounters dry boards, the move is both strong and predictable. This complimentary combo also means that bowlers aren't limited to playing a small section of the lane or putting the ball away after a game, as its equally effective on a deep tight line, as piping it up the track or further right. Keep your eyes peeled for our staff members videos, to see which layout will suit you best.

Line Soliaris
Color Charcoal and Gold
Coverstock AVC (Advanced Vector Control)
Core Trailblazer
RG 2.48
Differential 0.048
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 1500 grit Polished
Weights 13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes