Seismic Photon Low Mass Bias Bowling Ball

The PHOTON line is a new line in the Seismic arsenal to use the popular HORN Core, our fast revving Asymmetric core from the BULL series.

The PHOTON LMB (Low Mass Bias) contains a modified version of the HORN Core, with a reduced Differential and Mass Bias, allowing you to achieve easier length through the heads and midlane with more angularity on the back end.

The Photon LMB combines the best aspects of both symmetric and asymmetric core balls.


Color Aquamarine/Royal
Coverstock S.F-8/8 Pearl Reactive
Core Horn Core
RG 2.58
Differential .030
Intermediate Diff 0.011
Factory finish Polished
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes



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