Raging Bull Long Horn

The Raging Bull Stampede™ caught the eye of many bowlers who had not previously tried a Seismic ball, and turned the heads of their opponents on the lanes! The aggressiveness on the back end and power through the pins was unmatched by any other bowling ball release in 2012.

One comment we heard a lot from bowlers was they "didn't want to put it away!", so we got to work designing a ball that they could move to when the midlane starts to burn up. Enter, the Long Horn™.

The Raging Bull Long Horn™ features the phenomenal Horn Core™, just like the Stampede, however this time we raised the RG to 2.53 (15 lbs) to help the ball down the lane. A reduced differential and Mass Bias differential reduces the midlane roll to allow for a more crisp move on the back end.

The Long Horn coverstock, S.F-9/8, is a Pearl Reactive version of the Stampede Cover and assists in attaining length and back end traction.

Line Raging Bull
Color Blue/Yellow Pearl
Coverstock S.F -9/8
Core Horn Core
RG 2.530
Differential .045
Intermediate Diff .017
Factory finish 2000 Polished
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes


Seismic Raging Bull Long Horn

Seismic Raging Bull Longhorn by Chris Forry, BuddiesProShop.com