Photon Torpedo


Deviating from our usual strong core / mild cover combination, the INFENSUS coverstock wrapped around the low flaring core in the TORPEDO allows the ball to glide effortlessly through the heads but transition smoothly from slide to roll toward the end of the pattern and generate great angle through the back end.


The HORN Core has been developed to create fast revving, high torque core setups. In its modified Low Mass Bias version, you still see the fast revving characteristic but with less mid-lane torque to provide more length and allow you to create more angle on the back end.

Ball Motion

Whether you want to take control of tighter patterns on the fresh or create a lot of late movement on a league pattern, the low flare strong rolling PHOTON TORPEDO allows you to take more control of the pattern than ever before.

Color Royal/Yellow
Coverstock Infensus SR2
Core Horn Core
RG 2.580
Differential .030
Intermediate Diff 0.011
Factory finish 2000 Abralon
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes



Seismic Photon Torpedo Bowling Ball - Ad