When needing midlane motion the Cage™ Core is exactly what the doctor ordered. With its top and bottom caps sandwiched around the ribs of the core body, this core creates motion like nothing else on the market.


The 74H™ Solid reactive coverstock is here to dominate those tighter patterns and lane surfaces and everything in between. You can leave it out of the box, you can sand it or you can shine it up. No matter the case, this true solid is sure to give you the reaction you need, any time, any place.


Finished to a 3000-grit pad out of box finish, the Menace was designed as a welcomed alternative on those slicker lane conditions. This ball snuggles in nicely to the HP4™ line of balls and fills the need of cleaner than the Hyper Cell™ but not as clean as the Hyper Cell Skid™.


Color Red / Yellow / Green
Coverstock 74Hâ„¢ Solid Reactive
Core Cage Core
RG 2.52
Differential .054
Intermediate Diff 0.015
Factory finish 3000-grit pad
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes