Slant Hybrid

The Slant Hybrid is the final piece of Slant trilogy. Slant Hybrid features a combination of our solid and pearl soaker coverstock. The result is a ball that fits perfectly between Slant and Slant Solid in performance.
Slant Hybrid has the length of the original Slant and the recovery of Slant Solid; stronger down the lane than Slant and Cleaner through the front than Slant Solid.
Slant Hybrid features the same booster core as seen in Slant and Slant Solid, and is wrapped in our soaker coverstock which removes oil from the surface of the ball 54% than coverstocks without soaker. Clean surface means more FRICTION, more HOOK, more FINISH and most important more STRIKES.
The Booster core has proved it retains energy when other cores are losing power, resulting in more backend energy and more power, a greater angle of entry and more strikes.
Our testing is done on the patterns you see most on a normal league night, we build balls to strike on what you bowl on weekly. Give is a try; see how easy it is to strike again, and again and again….
Hybrid performs best on medium to medium heavy oil patterns.

Line Slant
Color Purple/Black
Coverstock Soaker Hybrid Coverstock
Core Booster Core
RG 2.47
Differential 0.045
Intermediate Diff .025
Factory finish 1500 grit Polished
Cleared USBC Yes


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