FLARE CORE STRENGTH COVER STRENGTH BOX FINISH STRENGTH Full Specs CONDITION: HEAVY OIL The MOTIV™ TR2 carves through deep oil and punishes the pins. It features the Thrust™ inner core, NeoMark™ Graphics, and MOTIVat-R™ Reactive coverstock. INNER CORE: THRUST™ The MOTIV™ TR2 provides a strong arcing reaction and stores energy for a punishing finish. The Thrust™ inner core RG is 2.54 with a differential of .052 (15# ball). COVERSTOCK: MOTIVat-R™ REACTIVE The TR2 bowling ball has been equipped with MOTIVat-R™ Reactive coverstock, which is stronger than both MOTIVator-X™ and MOTIVator-Z™ formulations. BOX FINISH: 800 WET SAND The deep blue cover is wet sanded at the factory to an 800 finish for incredible traction through heavy oil. Caution: This finish builds up a great deal of friction. In some situations, the bowler may need to adjust the finish to prevent shot burn-out. For medium oil, a 2000 sanded finish is recommended. NEOMARK™ GRAPHICS A vibrant 2-color yellow and white NeoMark™ graphic, which jumps off the deep blue coverstock. OUTER CORE: REVERB™ The Reverb™ outer core of the TR2 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins.

Color Blue
Coverstock MOTIVat-R
Core Thrust
RG 2.54
Differential 0.052
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 800 Wet Sand
Weights 12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes



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