CONDITION: MEDIUM OIL The MOTIV™ SR2 is engineered to destroy pins on medium to medium-heavy oil. The Sigma™ core produces a low RG for easy revs and a high differential for serious track flare. Combine this with the MOTIVat-R™ reactive cover and you have a deadly weapon of destruction in the palm your hand. INNER CORE: SIGMA™ The Sigma™ core is the mechanism of destruction at the heart of the SR2. It provides a low RG for easy revs and a high differential for powerful track flare. The 15# SR2 has an RG of 2.47 and a .047 diff. COVERSTOCK: MOTIVat-R™ REACTIVE The MOTIVat-R™ shell on the SR2 has never been combined with the Sigma™ core before. This cover provides a smooth, but very strong backend reaction. BOX FINISH: 2000 WET SAND / POWER GEL® POLISH The SR2 is sanded to 2000 at the factory and then brought to a luster with Power Gel® Polish. This finish allows you to clear the heads with ease and store more energy for the backend reaction. OUTER CORE: REVERB™ The Reverb™ outer core of the SR2 is a low-density polyester resin with pin piercing hardness and strength. Rather than absorb impact energy, this outer core reverberates energy as it explodes through the pins. NEOMARK™ GRAPHICS The SR2 jet black coverstock is integrated with orange and white NeoMark™ logo graphics. These graphics are also formulated from MOTIVat-R™ Reactive coverstock so you have a consistent reaction 360° around the ball surface.

Color Black
Coverstock MOTIVat-R
Core Sigma
RG 2.47
Differential 0.047
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 2000 Wet Sand/Power Gel Polish
Weights 12 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes