Revolt Havoc


The Revolt Havoc is a devastating weapon for medium-heavy oil with the unique ability to read the lane early, yet provide unbelievable continuation. It’s a ball motion that seemed impossible…until now.

Featuring the powerful Vanquish weight block, the 15# model has a 2.47 RG and .056 differential. This low RG and high differential provides the ball with massive track flare potential to make a strong move in higher volumes of oil.

The Revolt Havoc boasts NEW cover stock technology – Helix™ High Friction Solid (HFS) Reactive. The unique ability to both hook early and continue with devastating power is only possible because of this new cover. The solid purple shell is tuned at the factory with a 3000 Grit LSS finish.

Because the Revolt Havoc is incredibly strong, it is an obvious fit for speed dominant and low rev players. And because it has the unique ability to still provide tremendous continuation, the ball is also a versatile weapon for competitive bowlers that have higher rev rates. While these players typically experience a weak finish from strong equipment, they will experience outstanding continuation from the Revolt Havoc on higher volume patterns.


Line Revolt
Color Solid Purple
Coverstock Helix™ HFS Solid Reactive
Core Vanquish
RG 2.47
Differential .056
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 3000 Grit LSS
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes