By combining the new patented UNIQUE core with the VIGOR HT coverstock. MoRich takes a big step forward in ball reaction to lead bowling ball technology into the future. To provide a ball with tremendous hitting power and the most drilling versatility ever. VIGOR HT increases the total hook and the backend reaction of RipR. The versatility of surface adjustments is enhanced by VIGOR HT. The new patented UNIQUE core provides the greatest drilling versatility ever. RipR creates a new level in ball reaction at the break point and on the back end. You've got to "Meet the RipR".

Color Blue/Black
Coverstock Vigor HT Pearl Reactive
Core Unique Core
RG 2.54
Differential 0.042
Intermediate Diff 0.013
Factory finish 4000 Sia Air
Weights 13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes