Not since the introduction of the first Reactive Resin bowling ball over 17 years ago, has a breakpoint this dramatic been introduced! Using the NEW stronger, more angular cover stocks and combining it with a core that allows the ball to skid further down the lane producing the desirable later, sharper break point. Easy skid through the front end of the lane to create a later revving, sharper backend reaction. Our most versatile core yet. Changing the drilling layout makes for substantially larger changes in ball reaction than traditional cores. Using a balance hole increases the strength of the ball reaction. Drill the ball without a balance hole for more control of the break point.

Coverstock Rebound Reactive Pearl
Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.526
Differential 0.045
Intermediate Diff 0.011
Factory finish 4000 grit Abralon
Weights 13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes