A perfect compliment to the FRENZY. To be used on more oil than the FRENZY. Great for higher ball speeds players and players with less hand. Using the NEW stronger VIGOR pearl coverstock and combining it with a core with .042" total diff. to provide consistent, reliable ball reaction when control is at a premium. The VIGOR cover is the strongest cover we have used so far. Even though the VIGOR cover hooks 3-5 boards more than the FRENZY cover, it clears the front part of the lane easily. Our most versatile core yet. Changing the drilling layout makes for substantially larger changes in ball reaction than traditional cores. Using a balance hole increases the strength of the ball reaction. Drill the ball without a balance hole for more control of the break point. The .042" diff. gets the ball down the lane.

Core 2-piece Asymmetrical
RG 2.534
Differential 0.042
Intermediate Diff 0.010
Factory finish 2000 SiaAir surface
Cleared USBC Yes