Vibe Envy XR

414 were made. Just like with our first Bowler's Mart Private Stock Vibe XR, we have extracted the solid part out of one of Hammer's hybrid coverstocks. This time we went with the Deadly Aim's Primer Reactive Hybrid, turned it GREEN. Here is our latest Vibe Envy XR. - Be the ENVY of everyone with this limited edition VIBE ENVY. Also when you order your Vibe Envy XR you will own that number for future releases of XR projects so you are always guaranteed first chance at your personal numbered XR.

Line Vibe
Color Neon Clover
Coverstock Primer Reactive Solid
Core Vibe Core
RG 2.51
Differential 0.039
Intermediate Diff n/a
Factory finish 500-500-1000-2000 then polished with PowerHouse Factory Finish
Cleared USBC Yes