Cold Blood

Do you have ICE in your veins?

When you’re down to the wire in a tough match, do you have what it takes to win?

The desire to not only win, but to make that cocky guy on the lane next to you shut his mouth? Check.

Need to see the pins scatter like scared little kids? Check.

Get noticed while doing it with a downright wicked looking bowling ball? Check.

The new Hammer Cold Blood. Do you have ice in your veins?

Get one today and see why NOTHING HITS LIKE A HAMMER.

Line Blood
Color Black/Blue
Coverstock NBT Pearl
Core First Blood Core
RG 2.48
Differential .056
Intermediate Diff .009
Factory finish 500 / 500 / 1000 Abralon®/ Clean N’ Sheen
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes