Everyone can use a shot of Adrenaline - The Adrenaline™ delivers the smooth, versatile, benchmark ball reaction we all desire. The combination of our Posi-Traxx™ Solid cover and med-low Rg GC-90™ core picks up early, with a consistent mid-lane read that transitions into a continuous angular motion through the pins. It’s the shot you need in the heat of competition! Posi-Traxx™ Solid - Our most versatile coverstock delivers early traction without over reading the front part of the lane. Scuff it. Polish it. Whatever you want. It will always come through when it’s crunch time. GC-90™ Core - This big block has been tuned to deliver a rush of energy that starts early in the mid-lane, and continues through the pins. Features include a shaved side for a slight Mass Bias, and an undersized wrap for a higher C.O.R. than what’s typical of a 3 piece ball. Ball Motion - Think of the GC-90™ core as the big block engine that’s designed to hook up with the early traction of the Posi-Traxx™ Solid coverstock, then deliver a strong, continuous power band through the back end for punishing pin carry.

Color Cobalt/Electric Blue
Coverstock Posi-Traxx Solid Reactive
Core GC-90 mild asymmetrical
RG 2.52
Differential 0.051
Intermediate Diff 0.006
Factory finish SIA 1000/Polished/SIA 2000
Weights 13 thru 16lbs
Cleared USBC Yes