Brutal Nightmare

Ball Motion:

Finished with a Rough Buff Finish, the Brutal Nightmare skids easily through the front and mid-lane with an extremely quick response to friction on the backend creating a highly continuous motion that pummels the pins. The Brutal Nightmare with its new Class 8 Hybrid Reactive coverstock is the most skid / snap DV8 ball to date and should be used on medium oily to oily lane conditions.

Reaction Setup:

The DV8 Brutal Nightmare can be drilled using the standard drilling techniques developed for bowling balls with asymmetric cores.

Line Nightmare
Color Blue/Orange/Lime Hybrid
Coverstock Class 8 Hybrid Reactive
Core Nightmare Low RG Core
RG 2.505
Differential .052
Intermediate Diff .013
Factory finish 500 Siaair Micro Pad/Rough Buff Finish
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes


DV8 Brutal Nightmare