Introducing the new Composite Flow Technology Core (CFT) Featured in the NEW 900 Global Protocol... Utilizing Fluid-Flow Design Tactics and Composite Material Flow Principle of Chemical Engineering, we've created something truly unique; the first dynamic core to feature Mass Property Stabilization. But what does this mean for you? After drilling, the asymmetric CFT Core maintains its designed Rg and Differential values, allowing bowlers to get exactly what they want and expect out of their ball. When evaluating bowling balls for your bag, you may often look at the Rg (Radius of Gyration) and Differential number associated with a particular core. Understanding these values helps you relate the expected strength of the core and type of ball motion to your specific style. Unfortunately, what you don't see is how these numbers change after actually drilling the ball. Based on the ball layout chosen, certain areas of the inner core are removed during drilling, altering the core dynamics away from their designed values. The CFT Core was designed specifically to maintain differentials that fluctuate in other designs due to drilling. With the CFT Core, the Rg and Differential numbers advertised are the core numbers you'll get when you throw the ball. That mean NO MORE GUESS WORK. The CFT Core showcased in the new High Performance Protocol features a moderate Rg of 2.53 matched with Differential value of 0.042 and a strong Mid. Differential of 0.023. These numbers, combined with our prestigious S70 Coverstock and polished will provide a clean skid through the fronts with a very pronounced, aggressive backend flip down-lane on medium-heavy lane conditions.

Color Navy Blue/Sea Foam
Coverstock S70 Reactive SOlid
Core Composite Flow Technology Core
RG 2.53
Differential .042
Intermediate Diff 0.023
Factory finish 2000 Abralon Polished
Weights 12-16 lbs
Cleared USBC Yes


900 Global Protocol bowling ball video

900 Global Protocol, Vixen, Hard Drive & Desert Hook by Dan Sciglimpaglia,