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Columbia 300 - Eruption - Eruption Pro

Columbia 300 -  Eruption Pro


Clean Reaction 300… one of our cleanest, most responsive covers ever! You’ll see the Eruption Pro glide through the front of the lane and make that hard fun turn towards the pocket at exactly the right spot!

Modified Resurgence Core

We changed the densities of one of our most popular cores to give you the reaction you’ve been asking for. The higher RG and lowered differential help make this ball the most consistent and fun-to-throw piece in your bag.

What to Expect

It might say Pro right on it, but the truth is everyone is going to love this ball, especially on the right conditions. When you encounter a little friction, look to this ball for a lot of help! Throw it to the dry and have some fun watching it pulverize the pocket!


ColorEmergency Orange
CoreModified Resurgence
Intermediate Diffn/a
Factory finish500, 500, 500 Abralon®, 1500 Abranet™ Soft, Factory Polish 300 RPM
Weights12-16 lbs
Cleared USBCcleared


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