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Track - Triton - Heat Remake

It's back and in its pure, original form... the Heat! The innovative tri-core technology contains three components: the Rev Core to lower RGs and create a higher rev rate, the Flip Core for increased flare potential and backend transition, and the Balance Core designed to provide increased dynamics throughout the weight range.


Factory finishPolished
Lane ConditionsMedium-Light Oil
Cleared USBC02/05


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2006-04-21 11:27:25.09
Heat a true Remake
Likes: Exactly like the orginal
Dislikes: None
Jeffry Pearson
2005-11-07 18:02:05.53
Much more than I realized. But It's Great!!!!!!!
Likes: The versatility of this ball is great. Expected to have a step down ball behind my X-factor, only to find out that The Heat gave me a better reaction on the backend. Gorgeous backend, not jumpy. Impact is incredible.
Dislikes: Not the dry lane ball I thought it was, but I love the ball none the less. Heavy oil makes it squirly.
2005-05-24 16:38:09.763
It's Back!!!!!!!!!!!
Likes: Reaction on dry lanes, carry and overall performance.
Dislikes: None
Tom Hess
2005-04-26 18:13:19.09
Great Looks and Performance
Likes: The Heat works well on Med-Dry and and used patterns.
Dislikes: To much oil and carrydown.
the drop
2005-04-19 21:44:27.75
The HEAT is HOT!!!
Likes: On house shots and short sport patterns, this ball is great. This is an awesome 'go to' ball when the lanes have broken down.
Dislikes: Does not like heavy oil or carrydown