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Elite Bowling International - Elite - R47

Elite Bowling International - R47
Elite fans asked us for a ball that produced more backend reaction and here it is! The Elite R47 combines the Rapid Recovery Core with the new Return Reactive cover stock. The Elite R47 is the most angular Elite ball ever made. Welcome to the game.Specifications:
Factory finishPolished
Lane ConditionsMedium Oil
Cleared USBC01/05


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2007-01-18 22:16:16.653
Dnager Zone Revive...
Likes: Just like my first Danger Zone from 1995.
Dislikes: Thin cover cannot maintain as longer as my DZ.L:osing tracktion from game 20~30.
2006-03-10 10:50:43.14
Amazing Ball
Likes: This ball reads the lanes like nothing I've ever seen. Carries everything. It hits a little weird (pins stay low) but it will carry if your light or high. AWSOME BALL!
Dislikes: None