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Hammer Red Pearl Urethane

Hammer - Hammer Red Pearl Urethane
Even the newest Hammerheads need a dare-devil ball to throw. Meet Red Pearl Urethane Hammer. Whether you're new to bowling or just want a straight trajectory, Red Pearl Hammer is your answer.


CoverstockUrethane Pearl
Factory finishPolished
Weights10 thru 16lbs
Lane ConditionsMedium-Light Oil
Cleared USBC04/03


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Author Rating Review
2003-12-02 12:48:51.357
Outstanding Spare Ball!
Likes: Nice, even, consistant roll and a straight trajectory to the pins.
Dislikes: None, for it does exactly what I bought it to do!
2003-08-10 11:14:10.95
Great dry lane ball.... as if you didn't know that
Likes: Great roll to this ball very smooth down the lane. Looks really good also.
Dislikes: None
2003-07-11 22:25:41.153
Not the biggest hooking but one of the best
Likes: Easy to control, not too big of a hook
Dislikes: Isn't the hardest hitting
BuddiesProShop.com - Bill
2003-06-03 19:43:28.78
Deserts beware
Likes: When Straight is great, you can use this ball.