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Octane - wleto
Likes: continuation, clean through the front

(10 Pins)
Wipe Out - Tony Reynaud
Wipe Out Review by Storm Staffer Tony Reynaud
Likes: A good Solid cover in the hot line from Storm!
Dislikes: None

(8 Pins)
Punch Out - Tony Reynaud
Punch Out review by Storm Staffer Tony Reynaud
Likes: Many
Dislikes: None

(9 Pins)
Hysteria - StoRoto2013
Hysteria review by Dan Schaden Jr
Likes: Great length with dynamic recovery!
Dislikes: Needs friction!

(10 Pins)
Tribal Fire - toverbey
Turn Up the Heat!
Likes: Clean, Controllable, Strong through the pins

(10 Pins)
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