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Fight - Sheabitt
Fight by Shea Bittenbender
Likes: Mid-lane motion - control
Dislikes: none

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Venom Cobra - MotivSteve300
Venom Cobra Ball Review
Likes: I love the new Sabotage Hybrid cover. This cover I feel take very well to any changes you may want from adding surface to get the ball to start sooner to polish and creating more motion when finding the friction!

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Pitch Blue - boybrowny
Stronger than expected
Likes: Strong core means this ball carries well - just like it's partner the pitch black
Dislikes: I bought this to go with the pitch black believing it would get through the heads cleaner. This was not the case. If you adjust your pitch black with a finer finish you will have a ball at least as good as the pitch blue.

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Talent - boybrowny
More ball than advertised
Likes: smooth transition, easy to read and predict on the lanes. responded well to hand changes in axis rotation, lift and speed. covered more boards in the back end than i expected, so better suited to a stroker or up the back tweener Great color !
Dislikes: none yet, but this is rated as MEDIUM OIL, I would have to add that this would be accurate only for a stroker or up the back tweener. Anyone with more hand would better put this to use on a MEDIUM-HEAVY condition,

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Venom Cobra - MOTIVmags
Mags #Strikeback

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