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Hy-Wire - mwtarkington
HyWire review - Mark Tarkington
Likes: Angular. Controllable. Strong.
Dislikes: None.

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Pitch Blue - mwtarkington
Pitch Blue review - Mark Tarkington
Likes: Reads like old urethane. No overreaction.
Dislikes: Pattern has to be playable for urethane.

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Alpha Crux - mwtarkington
Alpha Crux review - Mark Tarkington
Likes: Smooth & even. Continuous.
Dislikes: Not too good on the burn.

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Freestyle Blue/Black - mohrevs
Likes: Low Volume, Going through the pins hard, playing left on Brunt patterns, Controlled Hard Motion
Dislikes: Lots of Oil, Carry down,

(10 Pins)
Hy-Wire - bigmikecraig
Roto Grip Hy-Wire review by Mike Craig
Likes: Goes long and finishes strong!

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