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Sinister - StoRoto2013
Sinister Review
Likes: Decent Length for a strong ball
Dislikes: Not a big fan of Hybrid covers

(9 Pins)
Optimus - 1tommygn
Optimize your striking potential with Optimus
Likes: The defined breakpoint shape and ability to move left and right depending on how much oil is on the lane

(10 Pins)
Wipe Out - 1tommygn
REview by Tommy Gollick
Likes: the versatility of the cover
Dislikes: ball is very aggressive with the factory finish

(9 Pins)
Pitch Black - 1tommygn
Pitch Black review by Tommy Gollick
Likes: smooth predictabilty
Dislikes: covers more boards than I would've expected

(9 Pins)
Punch Out - 1tommygn
Punch Out those corner pins
Likes: The clean skid through the heads.
Dislikes: The change of direction is so strong for me, that I need to stay right of the third arrow.

(8 Pins)
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