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Pitch Black - Tony Reynaud
Pitch Black went too straight for me
Likes: Not many
Dislikes: Ball didn't hook enough for me.

(2 Pins)
Pitch Black - SRBenifield
Pitch Black Review by Samuel Benifield
Likes: Predictable, Smooth, Controllable
Dislikes: No smell

(8 Pins)
Sinister - WKnight84
Rotogrip Sinister Ball Review by Walter McKnight
Likes: Keeps the pins low and has a tremendous amount of angle

(10 Pins)
Pitch Black - pbaramos300
Storm Pitch Black
Likes: This ball is fantastic on beat up surfaces and shorter length patterns

(10 Pins)
Yeti Uncaged - OcnLns2085
Yeti Uncaged
Likes: Easy length, a lot of back end and hitting power.

(10 Pins)
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