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Crux - StoRoto2013
Crux Review by Dan Schaden Jr
Likes: Heavy rolling piece with a powerful backend motion
Dislikes: Sometimes started up too quick

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Crux - Tony Marino
Storm Crux review & video

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Crux - PJ Haggerty
Storm Crux Ball Review by PJ Haggerty
Likes: Strongest Mid-Lane reaction I have ever seen!

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Jackal - Wya_Rya
Likes: Allows me to open up the lane with the amount of movement that is seen down lane
Dislikes: N/A

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Sinister - BowlersMartPark-Mike
Roto Grip Sinister
Likes: Incredible downlane motion, great for medium or heavy oil
Dislikes: Not intended for dry lanes

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