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Jackal - AndrettaD91
Likes: What I like most about the Jackal is how it never seems to not continue through the deck the further right I move on the lane (left handed).
Dislikes: There really isn't a dislike for me to put. Use it on the appropriate lane conditions which means more volume (heavy oil). In doing so you'll be very satisfied.

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Hy-Road Solid - 1tommygn
Review by Tommy Gollick
Likes: The incredible traction that can be generated from this cover stock
Dislikes: Needs a lot of oil to use regularly

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Outcry - seanbaker
Roto Grip Outcry review by Sean Baker
Likes: A ball that gave me more than my Rumble with a sharp backend
Dislikes: N/A

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Crux - Storm300msh
Storm Crux
Likes: Strong ball
Dislikes: Nothing

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Hysteria - storm_tajiri
Hysteria Ball Review by Joshua Tajiri (RG Staff Member)
Likes: Wicked Backend Motion!
Dislikes: n/a

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