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Venom Panic - Jsellers31Motiv
Venom Panic
Likes: Gets down the lane clean
Dislikes: None

(7 Pins)
Pink Hammer - Hrududu
Predictable & Strong
Likes: When it hits the pocket, it tends to be solid and take out the corner pins, even at 14lbs
Dislikes: Not a lot of hook, even by 90s standards.

(8 Pins)
Venom Panic - dcbowler800
Likes: Clean through fronts Controlled backend Great in middle of a block
Dislikes: None

(10 Pins)
Revolt Vengeance - dcbowler800
Revolt Vengeance
Likes: Versatile Cover Continuous Backend Great on various sport patterns
Dislikes: None

(10 Pins)
Rocket - caseyccg
Storm Rocket Review by Casey Murphy
Likes: Smell, color, reaction

(9 Pins)
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