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Venom Shock - bigfine
Money ball
Likes: very very goooooooooood ball
Dislikes: not yet

(10 Pins)
Trident - dcbowler800
Likes: Aggressive through the oil Controllable backend Great for heavy oil
Dislikes: None

(10 Pins)
Forza GT - dcbowler800
Forza GT Review
Likes: Heavy rolling, controlled backend Exterior design Versatile for many styles
Dislikes: None

(10 Pins)
Trident - rickzakrajsek
Motiv Trident

(10 Pins)
No Rules - fjcallahan
Likes: The color and shelf appeal are great. Customers love the way it looks!
Dislikes: I'm not sure how to word my dislikes...It might be me and I always look for the positives in everything.

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